Welcome to Derek Chiu Music Studio!

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The Shimura - Chiu Duo

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While taking only few lessons from Mr. Chiu, I have learned many things from him - Student Testimony

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Derek has been my piano teacher for the past year and I can't believe how much my playing has improved. - Student Testimony

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Welcome to Derek Chiu Music Studio!

Music is a career that can take you all over the world.  I have been so fortunate to travel throughout Canada and the United States to perform, teach, adjudicate and give lectures.  I have also been fortunate to be invited to perform in England, France and Spain.  My career has allowed me to experience and appreciate so much.  I am blessed with a career where I teach, am an active solo pianist and chamber musician, a member of the College of Examiners - Royal Conservatory of Music, a clinician and adjudicator.  

I returned to Calgary December 2007 to start a studio that promotes the highest level of music education.  Derek Chiu Music Studio is EXCELLENCE IN MUSIC EDUCATION.  My experiences in New York City and abroad have given me the skills, experience and confidence to share my gifts with the next generation.  Derek Chiu Music Studio will be an exciting place to study music where students will have the chance to excel in their studies and discover who they are!Music can be your journey to finding out who you are, what your gifts are and most importantly a sense of personal joy!

It is my goal to combine my range of experience with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic and intelligent teacher; one who will make a positive contribution to the community and students.  

I would like to thank Eva Lam at Orange Magnetic and Alain Ho for their creative minds and expertise in putting this webpage together.  Thank you for spending hours on this project from conception to launch, your support in making this teaching studio a reality and all the laughs we have had over the past 15 years!

Shout Out's!
Dr.E. Gregory Butler - for all of your teachings, support and mentoring.  I am a pianist because of you.  

Mrs. Shermata - for being my first piano teacher and making sure I curved my fingers.  

Brian Cross - for teaching me how to practice and building a solid foundation in me.  

Joel Hastings - your teachings but more importantly your friendship.  

Peteris Zairins - for the basketball conversations, training and believing in me to be an examiner.  

Solomon Mikowsky - you took my playing to the next level and transformed me from a student into an artist.  

Noriko Shimura - you are the best duo partner and I love sharing the stage with you.  Thanks for the good times in NYC - late night runs to Tom's or Tasti D Lite, the chats in the park and those painful rehearsals.  

My Parents - your unconditional love, driving me to piano lessons at 7am, flying around the world to hear my performances and cooking me food.  

My Grandfather Ng Po Wan - your art taught me to open my eyes and senses to the world.  Your paintings are a reflection of your heart and soul; I hope that one day my performances will have the same emotional and expressive power as your paintings.  

My Aunts, Uncles and Cousins - thanks for letting me sleep at your homes, feeding me, allowing me to use your basements as a storage facility and picking me up from the airport.  

My Brother - for beating me up when I was young and having my back always

Linda Chiu - for being the best and supporting me in the decision to start the studio

And to all my friends around the world - no matter where you all are, thanks for your support and love.  I will see you all again especially those in NYC!Boy do I miss the 212!

The Shimura - Chiu Duo

The Shimura - Chiu Duo was formed by violist Noriko Shimura (Japan) and pianist Derek Zhi Guang Chiu (Canada) in 2002 while attending the Manhattan School of Music in New York City.  Their musical collaboration began in Dr.  Kenneth Cooper's "Baroque Performance Practice" class.  The Duo is coached by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, a world renowned 18th Century music specialist, musicologist, harpsichordist, and conductor.  The Duo has performed throughout the Tri State Area (Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York) and in 2006 performed throughout Ontario, Canada.  Both performers have studied with many of the world's leading musicians.  Ms. Shimura primary studies in viola were under the tutelage of Patinka Kopec.  Additional studies in chamber music took place with David Geber, Daniel Avshalomov, Julia Lichten, and Sylvia Rosenberg.  Mr. Chiu has studied with Solomon Mikowsky (featured in Benjamin Saver's book The Most Wanted Piano Teachers in the USA), Donn Alexander Feder, Gregory Butler, and chamber music with Daniel Epstein of the Raphael Trio.  

The Shimura - Chiu Duo has an extensive repertoire which includes the works of J.S.  Bach, L.  van Beethoven, M. Bruch, J.N. Hummel, W.A. Mozart, F. Schubert, R. Schumann, and C.M. von Weber.

Tokyo native Noriko Shimura began violin studies at the age of three, and at the age of fifteen, viola became her primary instrument.  She attended the Tokyo College of Music High School as a violist, where she studied with Toshiyuki Uzuka.  At the age of nineteen, Ms. Shimura came to the U.S.  to attend the Manhattan School of Music on scholarship, studying with the legendary teacher, Patinka Kopec.  She earned both her Bachelor and Master of Music Degrees from the Manhattan School of Music.  

After graduation, Ms. Shimura became a sought-after teacher and performer.  In addition to teaching in studios in New York and Connecticut, she maintained a busy schedule as a chamber musician.  As a member of the New York Amadeus String Quartet, she appeared in Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall in NYC and in Suntory Hall in Tokyo, Japan.  Ms. Shimura has participated in chamber and orchestral festivals in the U.S.  , Canada, Austria, Japan and the Dominican Republic.  She studied chamber music with Daniel Avsholomov, Sylvia Rosenberg, Karen Dreyfus, David Geber, Julia Lichten, David Soyer and Michael Tree.  She has also studied viola with Atef Halim, Keiko Urushibara, and Georg Hamann.  

In addition to performing in the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra's viola section, Ms. Shimura is an artist teacher of violin and viola for the HSO's Symphony School.  

While taking only few lessons from Mr. Chiu, I have learned many things from him.  It was my first experience learning from a piano teacher who was also an active performer.  This way, I was able to look at music from a different perspective.  Mr. Chiu not only taught me note by note but always reminded me about the audience.  I thought, only an experienced performer can comment like that.  He taught me about catching audiences' eyes and more importantly, how to communicate with the orchestra while playing a concerto.  

Mr. Chiu also concentrated a lot on teaching me about ending phrases, balance between left and right hand, and articulations.  Many of his demonstrations helped a lot visually.  One of the most crucial things he taught me was how to practice.  For example, there were many sixteenth notes and many other fast runs in my Mozart Concerto No.23 in A Major.  To make all the notes even and solid he demonstrated and taught me to practice in various tempos, with various rhythMs. 

He also taught me not only the physical part of the piano studies, but mental part as well.  One time, I asked him on memorizing a piece of music.  I always managed to memorize pieces "unconsciously", but I did not know the four component of memorization, nor did I even thought about it before.  So when I asked him about memorization right before lesson was over, he told me that he would email me about it.  The next day, I went on the computer and opened my inbox.  Scrolling down, was an email from Mr..Chiu regarding memory.  He had written fully about memory with every detail.  In this case, there were four components of memorizing a piece of music, listed with couple sentences of description about each of them.  I was thrilled by the fact that he had spent so much of his time, writing for my own benefit.  

I believe that this is why I still keep in touch with Mr. Chiu. I do not take lessons from him anymore, but I email him once in a while with questions that cannot be answered by myself, but with his assistance.  Thank you to Mr. Derek Chiu, this summer I will be attending the Adamant Music Festival that he had suggested me.  

Shiori Yamaguchi is currently studying with Lan -Ya Huang and has participated in the Junior Showcase, Master Classes, Studio Recitals, Honors Recitals and Competitions.  She has won the 2004 first prize in the Audrey Thayer Competition, in 2005 and 2006, both second prize, and in 2007, won first place in the 18th Annual Concer to Competition.  Ms.Yamaguchi is currently attending Northern Highlands Regional High School in New Jersey and also studies flute with Ms. Patricia Davila.  This summer, Ms.Yamaguchi will participate in the world renowned Adamant Music Festival in Vermont and will be a student at Manhattan School of Music Preparatory Division beginning in Fall 2008.  

"Derek has been my piano teacher for the past year and I can't believe how much my playing has improved. Derek has taught me so much, so quickly. With proper technique, I am playing far more difficult music with than I was a year ago. Derek gets down to business and really wants his students to succeed. Derek is a smart, creative and caring expert. He is the best piano teacher I could ever imagine and has really inspired me to do my best, apply myself and keep up my piano practice!" íV Winston Kirk

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